The Otto Bock Genu Therma Chondro Knee Support relieves the pressure on the patellar tendon insertion.
Recommendedfor Mb.Schlatter, Jumper's knee and anterior knee pain and is excellent for sports or exercise when you have pain behind or below the kneecap.
The Otto Bock Genu Therma Chondro Knee Support features a patella tendon strap with an anchor. The adjustable anchor above the knee prevents the brace from migrating or rotating.

Can be used for left or right knee

While standing and weight bearing, measure leg circumferences 15cm above the mid-patella

XX Small
29cm -32cm
Extra Small
32cm - 35cm
35cm - 38cm
38cm - 41cm
41cm - 44cm
Extra Large
44cm - 48cm



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