Brand: L.P Supports

Provides effective support for damaged ligaments or muscles.

Four- way stretch elastic compression provides excellent comfort and maximal fit

Helps alleviate stress on knee through motion such as shifting, twisting & jumping

Suitable For most sports, atheletic activities, and everyday use.

Designed to conform naturally to the contours of the knee, so they are comfortable to wear. Won't slip or ride up.


  • 70% Nylon
  • 20% Rubber
  • 10% Spandex


  • Machine wash in cold water. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine dry

Available Sizes Only : S, L, XL

Small Large Extra Large
27.9cm-33cm 40cm-47cm 47cm-54.6cm


NOTE: During exercise, our bodies perform the same motions repeatedly, such as shifting, twisting and jumping. The combination of body weight and speed generates an enormous burden on the knee joint. Like a gigantic spring, the knee absorbs body weight and counterforce from the ground when stepping down the stairs or going down a hill. Using wrap, compression, and support, protection wear can help the knee joint share the excessive force, and increase the stability of the knee


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