JTECH Commander Echo Wireless Muscle Tester Combo

Quickly and accurately quantify maximum average strength as well as bilateral deficits with the Commander Echo Wireless Muscle Testing Starter Kit.
Measures up to 150 pounds. Test protocols can be customised according to number of tests, starting force, Newtons, Kilograms or Pounds and number of repetitions. The Commander Echo Muscle Tester kit includes muscle tester dynamometer, curved muscle testing pad, flat muscle testing pad and calibration stand.
The Commander Echo Muscle Tester requires the wireless console unit to record and collect data, store results, and compute statistics.
Provides you with objective measurements to prove physical deficits and determine a solid treatment plan.

This kit includes:
  • Echo Wireless Muscle Tester
  • Commander Echo Wireless Console kit
The Commander Echo product line is completely modular, so you can upgrade to additional device types as your practice grows. One console will pair with up to 7 device types.

NOTE: Available as a SPECIAL ORDER only. Delivery is up to 3 weeks.



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