Beneplas Aqua Thermoplastic - 1.6mm Perforated - Black

BenePlas™ Aqua has 100% elastic memory and goes transparent when reaching moulding temperature of 160º F (70º C) to help facilitate ease of usage.
BenePlas™ Aqua also provides assistance with accurate placement of splint which helps to avoid pressure areas. Upon cooling, the material will once again return to its original colour.
BenePlas™ Aqua can be fully re-heated and remoulded with ease due to the 100% elastic type memory. There is instant bonding & no finger imprint and no shrinkage even after continued usage.
Features & Benefits
100% Elastic Memory.
Turns transparent when reached moulding temperature to provide assistance with accurate placement of splints.

Indications for use

Elbow splints or for any circumferential splints.
Hand functional & wrist splints.
Finger splints.



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